What to Pack

For your convenience, we have compiled a handy packing list to give you an idea of what may be needed throughout the weekend.

The best examples of attire can be found by following Alpha Chi Omega on Pinterest. Here are a few reminders:

  • Badge attire is expected for all meals and education sessions except Reunion Night dinner and Carnation Celebration. For Friday's Reunion Night dinner, spirit wear in the form of school colors or shirts from your college/university of initiation are encouraged! Bring along school pride decorations for your table as well, such as pennants and pompoms.

  • Our Saturday evening Carnation Celebration is semi-formal attire as we celebrate the greatest accomplishments of our organization over the past two years.

  • All attendees are required to wear all white badge attire and white or flesh-toned shoes for the first national chapter meeting.

  • Those participating in the optional Bellevue excursions on Friday or Sunday may wear jeans to those events.

  • Donation items for LifeWire's wish list will be collected on-site throughout the weekend. 

  • Don't forget your badge!