Off-Site Excursions

The 2022 convention schedule intentionally provides time for sisters to gather, reconnect and explore our beautiful host city of Bellevue and the surrounding areas. You’re welcome to spend time together with sisters however you choose, but if you’d like a more structured experience – or if you want to meet new sisters from around the country – Alpha Chi Omega has arranged a few excursions that you can add to your convention registration at an additional cost.



FRIDAY, JULY 8 AT 11 A.M. – 5 P.M. PDTExplore the country’s oldest farmers market; Photo credit: Howard Frisk Photography
Make your way to the Pacific Northwest early to take advantage of this tour before convention activities begin! On this tour, learn why Seattle has been named one of America’s most livable cities. A guide will give historical tidbits, point out interesting landmarks, and give insider tips on special shopping and sightseeing areas. During your journey, test your knowledge with a fun Seattle trivia game, complete with prizes at the end of the tour!

The experience will start at Seattle’s most celebrated culinary landmark, Pike Place Market. Born in 1907, Pike Place Market is the oldest continually operating farmers market in the United States, featuring over 600 businesses where local farmers and merchants offer a diverse array of products. See fish fly and cheese being made, and sample the unique tastes only found at the Market. You’ll be given ample time to explore and grab a bite for lunch. 

From the Market, enjoy a driving tour of Seattle’s must-see sights before visiting an architectural gem. After all, what would Seattle even look like without the iconic Space Needle? Completely remodeled, enjoy the Space Needle’s two entirely new levels of thrills. From an all-glass floor on the lower level to floor-to-ceiling glass on the upper level, 360-degree views of the Emerald City are sure to impress. 
You’ll return to Bellevue over the world’s longest floating bridge, just in time for the start of convention!
Cost: $125/person



SUNDAY, JULY 10 AT 1:30-8 P.M.Orca whales make their way through the Salish Sea; photo credit: Tatiana Ivkovich
Extend your weekend of sisterhood with this off-site event! Get ready for an epic afternoon of exploration and natural beauty on Seattle’s picturesque waters. Depart the convention hotel for the quaint town of Edmonds, located just north of Seattle, where a whale-watching vessel will be waiting to embark on a journey into the Salish Sea. 

Named in honor of the Coast Salish peoples, this spectacularly beautiful and nutrient-rich inland sea creates one of the most productive marine ecosystems in the world. With habitats as diverse as rocky reefs, mudflats, deep fjords, eelgrass estuaries and lush kelp forests, the Salish Sea nourishes an astounding variety of plant and animal life and is renowned for its resident and migratory pods of Orca whales. 

Enjoy a casual boxed meal on board while a naturalist guide points out a menagerie of whales, porpoises, dolphins, seals, sea lions, otters, shorebirds and many other species of marine wildlife during this memorable 4.5-hour cruise.
Cost: $350/person