Convention Pages


• Member in good standing
• Current freshman, sophomore or junior
• Not attending convention as the chapter’s voting delegate


January 13 - Application opened
February 29 - Application closes
April 3 - Applicants notified


Apply today!

Interested in a backstage pass to convention? Serving as a convention page is a fun and exciting opportunity available exclusively to collegiate members. As a convention page, you will meet, work and network with alumnae, other collegians, staff and board members from across the country. You’ll also work behind the scenes with event and meeting preparations, help during the election process and assist with a number of other convention activities.

“Serving as a convention page was one of my favorite experiences from my collegiate career,” says 2018 page Allie Cantalupo (Kappa Chi, Florida Gulf Coast University). “Being able to work closely with the headquarters staff and meet sisters from around the country was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Questions about applying to be a convention page? Please contact Ann Reightler, associate director of collegiate growth.


Attend all national chapter meetings and assist as directed by the page committee chairs
Assist with setup and cleanup for national chapter meetings and educational sessions
Assist with setup, cleanup and programming for meals
Assist with the distribution of awards 
Escort Alpha Chi Omega members during 50-, 60- and 75-year milestone ceremony
Deliver hand-written messages during the national chapter meetings
Serve as a hostess to guest speakers
Participate in page meetings at the beginning and end of each day and committee meetings throughout convention
Perform other duties as requested by the page committee chairs. Many duties arise during convention that cannot be foreseen and outlined in this description.
Meet Alpha Chi Omega members from across the country – and have fun!


A convention page serves as a convention volunteer and is always expected to exhibit professional behavior, fulfill all responsibilities as described above and remain flexible to responsibilities that arise on-site.

Pages should arrive in Baltimore by 10 a.m. EDT on Friday, June 26, and may depart anytime on Monday, June 29. Convention pages are expected to participate in a live, virtual training series in the summer leading up to convention. Pages will dress is all black, badge attire, with one day of all white, badge attire. Pages may wear any color to the Carnation Celebration.  

Pages will receive a discounted convention registration rate. Convention pages are also expected to cover their own travel and lodging expenses, and they should stay in the convention hotel. To help reduce lodging expenses, it is recommended that pages stay in the hotel room with their chapter’s president or delegate attending convention.